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Caroline Joyous

Determined to make a difference, Caroline Joyous is a teenage conservative commentator and certified campaign manager with a passion for sharing the truth when it comes to all things faith, politics and culture. She got involved in politics at the age of 14; and at the age of 17, she created the show Proudly Free. Joyous has been featured on national news networks (Newsmax, One America News Network, Real America’s Voice, VICTORY Channel, Right Side Broadcasting Network, The Blaze, among others) as well as nationally syndicated radio programs, and has had one-on-one meetings with President Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and Governor Ron DeSantis.

Caroline is an ambassador for Turning Point USA, the nation’s largest conservative youth organization. Caroline was the first female in the state of Alabama to receive the John Lewis Youth Leadership Award, a prestigious award from the National Association of Secretaries of State.

Caroline Joyous


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